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March 2018!


Water+Color Matters! Making Confident Color Choices
Mira M. White, instructor
Mon 9:00-12:00
June 12 – Aug. 7, (no class June 19)
Tuition $295    8 meetings

Several years ago I developed a way of working with color that has had success with a number of my artist students and has inspired me to continue to offer instruction in this approach.  I hope you will join me in this  adventure into the almost infinite world of color!

Please contact me for further information and the supply list.

Pre-register: 925 947-5773/

Alla Prima Painting
Jody Mattison, Instructor
Mondays 1:30 – 4:30
Min 6,  Max 14 students

June 26 – Aug 21  (no class Jul 3)

Tuition $250 8 meetings

Lafayette Studio

Wet-on-wet, or alla prima (Italian, meaning at first attempt),

Join me this summer for an exploration of oil/acrylic painting in the ‘alla prima’ style! Alla prima (Italian for at first attempt) is a method of painting directly, brush stroke on brush stroke, to complete a painting in one or two sessions.
Working with still life and interiors, we will go through the steps to create luminous paintings. Demonstration and discussion each week.
materials list sent upon registration.

PayPal here
Registration: or 925-997-3315

NEW! Beyond Beginners: Painting for Int/Adv in Oil and Acrylic
Patsy Taylor, Instructor
Mondays 6:30 – 9:30 pm
June 19 – Aug 14  (no class Jul 3)
Tuition $225, 8 classes

We love to paint! Come paint in a fun and supportive environment. In this class we will explore the multitude of various aspects that go into developing a successful painting. Sessions include demos, exercises, and individualized instruction. If you have previous work, please plan to bring one of your recent pieces to the first class and come prepared to paint.

Register: 925-435-0156


Painting for Beginners and Beyond: oil and acrylics
Patsy Taylor, Instructor
Tuesday mornings 9:00 – 12:00 n
Jun 20 – Aug 15 (no class Jul 4)
Tuition $225  8 meetings

Beginning to paint, either if you have never done so before or haven’t done so in years can be difficult.  This class will start by helping you select a medium and then move through teaching you the basics of how to use the medium you’ve selected.  It will also cover drawing basics (under every painting is a drawing), mixing color, use of brushes, application of paint and more.  Materials: to be purchased after 2nd week.  Instructor provides materials for first 2 classes.  Students with own supplies should bring them to the first class to help with subsequent purchases.

Register: 925-435-0156

Stunning Soft Pastels
Mira M. White, instructor
Tuesdays 1-4 pm
June 13 – Aug 8 (no class July 4), Tues 1-4 pm
Tuition: $ 295 (8 meetings)
Register: 925 947-5773 (enrollment limited to 10)

This class is for continuing artists who want to introduce fresh visual elements into drawings and paintings. One of the amazing qualities of the soft pastel medium is its versatility, which combines well with watercolor, acrylics, oils and all drawing media (colored pencils, graphite, charcoal, marking pens and ink). Traditional and innovative processes will be covered.


Mix Those Media! (Dry & Wet Color Media)
Mira M. White, instructor
Wednesdays, 9:00 am -12:00 n
June 21 – Aug 9
Tuition: $ 295 ( 8 meetings)

This is a master class, in which developed artists work on a combination of  both  designated and independent projects.  This class never repeats itself, it is a growing entity. Recommended for continuing artists who will find benefit in an intimate group work setting with informal critique and  an instructor presence.

Register: 925 947-5773 (enrollment limited to 10)

Life Drawing
David Hill, Instructor
Wednesday Evenings 7 – 10 p.m.
8/9-9/6   5 meetings
$150   (model fees included)

Drawing the human body is the best way to improve all drawing skills.  During the class we go from quick gestures to long poses, training the eye to observe and draw what we see. Lectures and instruction will cover techniques, composition, tone and shading, and more. There will be discussion of basic human anatomy. We will work from live undraped models. More advanced students will be encouraged to experiment with a variety of mixed and multi-media. Students should have charcoal and large drawing pad (18×24) for the first class.
All levels are welcome from beginner to advanced. Adults 18 or older (or high school juniors or seniors with written parent permission).

to register contact David Hill at


Painting: From Concept to Completion
Patsy Taylor, Instructor
Thursday mornings  9-12
Jun 22 – Aug 17
Tuition $250  9 meetings

Painting is fun, exciting, challenging, and rewarding. Come explore the multitude of various aspects that go into developing a successful painting. Sessions will include demos, exercises, and individualized instruction. If you have previous work, please bring one of your recent pieces to the first class and come prepared to paint.

Registration: or call 925-435-0156;

Portrait Drawing in Crockett
Jody Mattison, Instructor
Thursdays 2:30 – 5:30
Jun 22 – Aug 10      8 weeks
$300 includes all model fees
Paypal here
max enrollment 10, minimum 6

Held at Crockett Atelier/Sugar City Atelier, 1400 Pomona Street (Epperson building), Crockett, CA 94525

Intensive portrait drawing at the Epperson building in Crockett.  Focus is on continual improvement of drawing techniques through intensive practice. Class will include demonstrations, individual help and critique. Two-three week poses allow for concentrated study.
New students will begin by drawing with charcoal and graphite, continuing students have the opportunity to move into paint and/or pastel.  Topics will be varied and include:
blocking in, abstract shapes, light and shadow
artistic anatomy of the head, neck and shoulders
measuring, angles, proportion, ‘eyeballing’
creating 3-dimensionality, rendering techniques
email to register
or call 925-997-3315

Drop- In Figure Painting/Drawing Open Studio
Thursdays 1:30 to 4:30 p.m.   ongoing
No instructor. $25 per session.

If it’s Thursday , we will be there with a professional model every week and welcome you to  join us.  Just  drop-in whenever  you can!
Bring your acrylics, watercolors, oils, pencils, or pastels (no heavy solvents) to our congenial open studio and join us to explore diverse approaches to depicting the figure. Creativity flourishes in a supportive small group environment. Sensitive feedback optional at end of class.
No instruction. Pay when you arrive.
We often start with 5 two minute nude poses followed by a long pose (usually draped), paint or draw as you like. No heavy solvents. There is no instruction, we all paint differently and have an optional critique at the end of class.
Easels and tables provided.

For additional information contact:
Lynn Glenn   510-697-8041,


Drawing With Confidence
Patsy Taylor, Instructor
Friday mornings 9–12
Jun 23 – Aug 18
Tuition $250 9 meetings

The first step in all art is learning to draw. Learning to draw with confidence is the desire of every artist. This course is designed to provide the basics of drawing and to help develop your confidence in all areas of drawing. Whether you have never drawn before, believe you can’t draw (you can!), or want to improve the drawing skills that you already have, this course is for you. We will cover all the basics: value, proportion, perspective, and composition. We will also work on line quality, expressing texture, creating space, and using design principles in our drawings. Lessons will include exposure to a variety of drawing materials and mediums. Individualized attention and instruction provided.

Materials list: 18” X 24” pad of newsprint (rough, not smooth), a sketch board (large enough for your pad of paper, large clip preferred), willow charcoal , a kneaded eraser, and a chamois (may be purchased from instructor for $3). A sketchbook journal for personal notes and drawings is a plus, but not a requirement

Registration: or call 925-435-0156;

Drawing from the Inside Out (All levels)
Mira M. White, Instructor
Jun 23 – Aug 11 Fridays 1:30-4:30 pm
Tuition: $ 295 (8 sessions)

Historically, drawing has mostly been considered an adjunct, a preparation, a think time for working out ideas destined for other mediums.  For many people drawing is entirely about documenting, rendering form from what we see- giving it volume and clarity.

However, drawing can be about giving form to the formless, making the invisible visible.  It can be about recording internal realities, dreams, fantasies.  It can be about manifesting spirit. Drawing can also be about creating order out of chaos; it is about doodling and random mark making.Ultimately, drawing is about YOU and your personal form of handwriting.  It is about creating your own world.

This class embarks on a journey to expand your understanding of drawing to include all of the above processes.  I make a big distinction between descriptive drawing ( documentary) and expressive drawing  ( emotion based).  This class is for continuing artists who have previous drawing experience and are anxious to meld traditional drawing methods with an innovative and contemporary vision!

I hope you will join me!

Pre-register: 925 947-5773/



WORKSHOPS Out of State and Country

Painting in Costa Rica
Jody Mattison, Instructor

Reserve your spot for March 2018!
Come join me on our seventh painting excursion to beautiful Costa Rica…
Spend a relaxing week in the beautiful coastal region of Guanacaste, painting on the beach in your sarong, sipping cocktails while we watch the sunset on the Pacific. There’s plenty of time to paint, play and sightsee!

For information: or 925-997-3315


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